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Your Cat’s Favorite Self Cleaning Fountain

3 Reasons to Love Drinkie 🐈

Self-Cleaning Dish

I demand clean water dish] [Charlie for president] - protest posters That feeling of guilt for not cleaning your pet’s water dish... No more! With Drinkie you have an invisible hand that automatically cleans your pet’s dish while you’re away.

Continuous Clean Water

Once your pet sips a few drops, the dispenser [Fact: NSF International—an American product testing, inspection and certification organization—found our bowls are the 4th germiest item in the house!

Ideal Capacity

To stay healthy, your pet needs to drink a cup of fresh water (0.8 oz/lb) daily. With 100 oz (2.8 Liters) fresh water storage and 30 oz (0.8 Liters) waste water storage, you can trust Cheerble Dispenser to provide sufficient water to your pet for 4-5 days!

Smart App that Cares

How much do you trust your roommate or housesitter to refill your pet’s water tank? With Cheerble Dispenser’s intuitive app, you can monitor that yourself. Control the water supply remotely, track your pet’s drinking habits and prevent any health problems, with just one click!

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