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DUOONE: 8K/4K Duo-Monitor Foldable 16"-22.8"

DUOONE: 8K/4K Duo-Monitor Foldable 16"-22.8"

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Launch Date & Time:

2023-10-31  10:00:00   (EDT, UTC-4 ) America/New York

2023-10-31  07:00:00   (PDT, UTC-7) America/Los Angeles

2023-10-31  22:00:00   (SGT, UTC+8) Asia/Singapore

2023-10-31  14:00:00   (BST, UTC+0) Europe/London

2023-10-31  23:00:00   (JST, UTC+9) Asia/Tokyo

2023-10-31  10:00:00   (EDT, UTC-4 ) America/Toronto

2023-10-31  15:00:00   (CEST, UTC+1) Europe/Berlin

2023-11-01  01:00:00   (AEDT, UTC+11) Australia/Sydney

Introducing DUOONE

Cutting-edge DP alt mode display technology allows for dual screen display using just one cable, without the need for USB drivers or software. The native hardware-based one-screen mode ensures a superior experience without any lag. Unlike other USB dual screens product, You Shouldn't Waste Your Time & Money On USB Monitors.

Enhanced Productivity

✔Support display modes between 3840*4320 (16:18) or dual 3840*2160 (16:9).

✔Two sources into one. One keyboard mouse control two devices, no switching.

✔World’s first foldable monitor built-in smart KVM, allowing multiple devices input.

✔lightweight portability 15.6-inch monitor (20.4 inches when unfolded).

✔Optional 2560×3200 (16:20) 16" inch size available.

✔No software, no USB display, no lag.

Attention reservation backers!

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Reserve your VIP discount

Reserve your VIP discount for DUOONE launches on Kickstarter


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