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DuoVox Mate Pro

DuoVox Mate Pro

The World’s Most Advanced True Color Night Vision Camera

See Through Complete Darkness

DuoVox Mate Pro captures full true color images in 0.0001 lux — that’s almost pitch black conditions, with the absolute most sensitive MCCD sensor, night imaging system with AI Assist dynamic algorithm, and 7 lens optical system+IR Filter. The darker it is, the more impressive photos and videos you will capture.

Stay in Focus for up to 1,000 ft.

DuoVox Mate Pro is equipped with an advanced long range 7 lens optical system plus a built-in IR filter so you can capture the most beautiful moments from a distance — with no need to worry about focusing.

The Latest in Night Vision Technology

F0.9 aperture fast lens – captures even the smallest details with the utmost light sensitivity 7-Glass lens – With a diverse arrangement of lenses, DuoVox Mate Pro captures the same image through different resolutions and combines them into a high resolution photo MCCD 1/1.8'' day night real time imaging Sensor – allows the camera to capture high quality images in light as low as 0.0001lux 1000ft




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