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Earbuds that don’t go out of charging for days

Earbuds that don’t go out of charging for days

More music with replaceable batteries

Your earbuds are out of power? Simply replace the batteries on the magnetic clip on your earbuds with those stored in the charging case. You won't have to wait any longer for your earphones to charge.

Listening is a pleasure with 50 hour battery life

The four batteries on the magnetic clip can replace one another in a matter of seconds giving you the best-in-class 9 hours of listening experience on a single charge. The charging case lets you listen to your favorite music for up to 60 hours without interruption.

Ensures Stellar Call Quality

The Relods earbuds come with 4 microphones and cVc™ Echo Cancelling and Noise Suppression. This ambient noise reduction means you can talk clearly even in noisy environments where there are multiple people speaking simultaneously, such as a busy street or subway platform.

Blocks external noise for immersive listening

Featuring the most advanced Qualcomm® QCC3040 chipset, your earbuds ensure premium active noise cancellation. This technology blocks out distracting outside sounds so you can focus entirely on what matters most, making them the perfect earbuds to block out even the heavy traffic noises. Professional-grade speaker drivers. Bleeding-edge Bluetooth 5.2. with the high-resolution aptX codec, making sure you have the utmost listening experience.

Made for your lifestyle...

There's music you listen to when driving or taking the cab to work, and there is music you turn on while working, and eventually, there is the music you play when you are enjoying a nice evening. And there are Relods to keep making that music continue playing at any time of the day.

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