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Easy Care: The elderly's best friend in an emergency

The EASY CARE 600A offers a high level of security and support to people living alone and their relatives. In an emergency, help can be called quickly and easily, which is a great relief for everyone involved and gives people living alone the confidence to call for help independently.

Increased safety for elderly persons living alone

The EASY CARE 600A is a reliable companion that provides quick and uncomplicated support in emergency situations. The solution consists of a phone combined with a motion and button sensor. The product enables the triggering of automatic and manual help calls, calling up to four help contacts in hands-free mode. The phone automatically dials the next help contact if the first contact does not answer the call. In this way, people living alone can be confident help will be called in an emergency.

Not just a phone!

This is not an ordinary phone, but an innovative device with a variety of features that not only make it easier to make calls, but also provide practical assistance for people living alone. It is the perfect device for people who want to maintain their independence while counting on a safe and supportive solution. Although designed for seniors, it is not a stigmatizing device, but a stylish and modern phone that is perfectly suitable for all generations.

Triggering a manual help call

The EASY CARE 600A offers an easy way to call for help in emergencies. The manual help call can be triggered in two ways: Either via the SOS button on the phone or by pressing the help call button. Once triggered, the help call is sent to up to 4 predefined contacts in a call chain. If the first contact cannot be reached, the device will automatically dial the next number.

Normal routine - everything is okay

In addition to manual triggering, the help call can also be triggered automatically. This is particularly helpful if the person living alone does not feel able to trigger the help call manually or if the telephone and the help call button are not within reach. Two individual time windows are set in the phone for automatic triggering of the help call. If the telephone detects movements within these individually set time windows, the EASY CARE 600A classifies them accordingly as "normal routine".

Out of routine - triggering an automatic help call

However, if no movement is detected within the individually defined time windows, the phone triggers a wake-up call to ensure that the person living alone is well. If there is no response to the wake-up call, a help call chain is automatically triggered to up to four help contacts.

Advantages for people living alone

The help call allows you to feel secure and safe in case of emergency, as you can receive assistance at any time. At the same time, you can continue to live independently without worrying about your safety. Easy access to your loved ones also allows you to always stay connected with them.

Advantages for relatives

With the help call, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your family is always safe and will be supported immediately in case of emergency. You no longer have to worry about not being able to reach the person living alone or not being able to respond quickly enough in case of an emergency. In addition, you can be sure that the person living alone will not be monitored unnecessarily, as all information will remain within their own four walls.

Phone operation made easy

The Easy Care 600A is a modern telephone that makes telephoning easy for all age groups. The telephone has an ergonomic keypad with large keys, a large color display with magnifying glass function and an answering machine with a recording time of up to 30 minutes.

Speaking dialing keys

Prevents incorrect entries by means of speaking dialing keys.

Announcement of caller names and numbers

Ensures that the recipient is informed about the caller even before the call is answered.

Trustworthy caller

Saved contacts are signaled by a green illuminated display when an incoming call is received.

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