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EcoBrush: Degradable, Hygienic and Economical

EcoBrush: Degradable, Hygienic and Economical

Your EcoBrush is the solution to the bathroom cleaning problems you have been facing. Get surpassing cleanliness with a superior brush that does not trap debris in its bristles. Instead, use a brush with new-age technology to revolutionize the cleaning capabilities of your bathroom appliances. 

Not Your Average Brush

Your EcoBrush is a step towards cleaner healthier living. Instead of having to place your toilet brush back into its holder, creating a pool of filth and pathogens, EcoBrush allows you to dispose of your brush every time. Keep your bathroom clean and your family healthy without clogging the pipes. Your EcoBrush degrades in water leaving you with a more hygienic cleaning tool.

Naturally Degradable

You don’t want a toilet bowl cleaner to be around for too long, sooner or later you will have to throw it away and buy a new one. Instead of having a toilet bowl cleaner that lingers in your bathroom for months and years and never gets cleaned, get the EcoBrush and get rid of it after you’re done using it. Stop the spread of disease and keep every element of your bathroom pathogen-free with your naturally degradable EcoBrush.

Designed With Decor in Mind

Your EcoBrush is designed to blend in all kinds of bathroom designs. From the minimalistic to the extravagant, your EcoBrush integrates all scenes effortlessly and even adds to the aesthetic of a bathroom’s layout. Clean toilets without having to put the brush back in its holder, instead flush it down and get a great scent along with it. Ditch the generic brush and get the EcoBrush.

What's in the Box

  • Handle
  • 20 Brush heads
  • Brush box
  • Manual


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