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Control your mind, conquer the world.

Control your mind, conquer the world.

FitBit for your mind: Track and optimize your mental states in real-time. Stop putting your mind on autopilot and start living today.

No wires. No helmet. Just magic.

20+ years of research & development led us to revolutionary tech that extracts mental states in real time – all from your wrist. Seeing is believing. Watch 3 min demo.

Real time, actionable insights for your mind.

See your mind in action, in real time. What drains your energy? Who recharges you? When is your best focus time? Were you mindful throughout the day? Stop putting your mind on autopilot, take the driver seat.

Mental Energy




You either control your mind, or it controls you.

- Napoleon Hill -

Mental Energy Visualised.

EDEN translates your mental energy into a clear percentage, ranging from 0% to 100%, just like your iPhone battery.


✔️ Know exactly what recharges vs drains you

✔️ Know exactly when to take a break vs perform

✔️ Perform at absolute peak without burning out

Remote Control for your Mind.

Calm, Flow, Sleep, Energy - get into your desired state of mind in just five minutes. Our cutting-edge neurofeedback technology guides your brain naturally into optimal states.


✔️ Bounce back instantly, on command

✔️ Show up as your best self everyday

✔️ Take full control of how you feel

Performance Coach in your Pocket.

"Everyone needs a coach" - Bill Gates. EDEN alerts you to the prime moments for deep work and signals when it's crucial to take a break so you're always operating at your best while avoiding burnout.


✔️ Eliminate burnout

✔️ Perform at your absolute best

✔️ Rest, train, recover, perform like a professional athlete

Unlock your Mind's Full Potential.

EDEN's revolutionary brain-enabled brain training programs apps you through ultra personalised exercises tailored to boost your focus, memory, and problem-solving skills.


✔️ Stimulate growth naturally

✔️ Show up as the best version everyday

✔️ Proven to be 5x more effective than brain training apps


Some more Demo.

Even more Demo!

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