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Elecjet Apollo Ultra Power Bank

Elecjet Apollo Ultra Power Bank

The Next Revolution in Graphene Technology

The Next Generation of Power is Here

The battery technology that will revolutionize your phones and devices, make electric cars viable everywhere, and transform your life is now available in a powerbank. This is the first step towards a brighter, more electrified future. Elecjet’s Apollo Ultra uses game changing graphene, the world’s thinnest, strongest, and best conductor, to deliver amazing charging speeds.

Full Charge in 25 Min

Unlike traditional power banks that take up to 4-8 hours to charge, the 10,000 mAh Apollo Ultra utilizes revolutionary graphene technology to top up from 0 –100% in only 25 minutes! In just the time it takes to hop in and out of the shower you will be powered up and ready to go.

Fast Charge Your Device

Your new generation of fast charging devices need a power bank that can keep up. Not only is Apollo Ultra charged quickly, it also offers 80W of charging capacity. Apollo Ultra uses PD 3.0 to communicate with your device, to deliver optimal fast charging. It is like plugging your device into your wall outlet, without overheating!

5x faster self-charging speed

5x longer battery life

Battery cooling system

Twice the Work Done

Ability, Real Graphene can charge your device while being charged itself. You can also use the Type-C and USB 3.0 ports to charge two devices at once!

Graphene Brings Its Benefits

It’s a near-perfect conductor of electricity, which allows for power to be transferred at amazing speeds and quantities without straining your battery. The hexagonal honeycomb structure also makes it great at distributing heat to stay cool, as well as dissipating energy. Expect graphene to be used in your next phone, car, and expanding to even bulletproof vests, construction materials, and spacecrafts - this new material really is the lightest, strongest, and most versatile new technology

6x Lighter

than steel

200x Stronger

than steel

No Heat

Perfect conductor of heat


  • Battery 11,000[mAh] / USB-C Ports 2x
  • USB-C Protocol PD 2.0 & 3.0
  • Power Output PD 45W max / Charging Time 25-33 Min.
  • Input 5V3A /9V 3A/ 12V 3A/ 15V 3A /20V 5A


  • Size for 10,000mAh 130*66*17mm / water res. ip65
  • Net weight for 10,000mAh 240g
  • 500-1000 h Continuous Test Able to operate for 500
  • Input 5V3A /9V 3A/ 12V 3A/ 15V 3A /20V 5A

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