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Elixe: Intelligent, Comfortable, and Affordable Ebike

Elixe: Intelligent, Comfortable, and Affordable Ebike

Experience the freedom of effortless riding with the Elixe Ebike. With a 65-mile range, 28mph top speed, and unbeatable affordability, it's the perfect solution for all your cycling needs.

Ebike designed for everyone

introducing Elixe—an intelligent, comfortable, and affordable eBike meticulously designed to cater to everyone's needs and desires. Step through and Step models with multiple customise options. Elixe offers Versatile Frame Options for All: Step-Through and Step-Over Styles, EU and NON-EU Models, Designed to Fit Riders from 5ft to 6ft 4.

Ebike designed for everyone

Ride with Ease and Confidence

Distinctive design, 5 riding modes, fast charge (90% in 120 mins), 65-mile range, 28mph speed, silent 250/500W hub motor, 65Nm torque, lightweight (42lbs), dual disc brakes, app control, theft-proof features, puncture-proof tires, frame options, 5 colors.  The epitome of form and function.

Stands out as the best eBike

Intelligent Design: Elixes boasts an ergonomic and distinctive design, offering both style and functionality with a versatile half-throttle mode and four distinct riding modes, it caters to various preferences and terrains.


Designed for every adventure

Elixes is your ideal companion for every journey, equipped with front fork suspension and disc brakes to guarantee your safety on every ride. Whether conquering mountain trails or navigating city streets, Elixes is your perfect partner.

Elixes eBike: Affordable Excellence for Every Ride

Elixes eBike strikes the perfect balance between affordability and exceptional features. It brings the world of electric biking within reach without compromising on quality or performance. 

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