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Elowen Marlowe: The Doll That Teaches Biodiversity

Elowen Marlowe: The Doll That Teaches Biodiversity

Meet the toy doll and app that educates kids about the importance of biodiversity and helps them contribute to a better world — an exciting way to learn and have a great time while making a difference.

Teach Your Kids to Be Champions for the Planet

Biodiversity is precious. It's what makes our world so alive and beautiful. To preserve it, children need to learn about its importance from an early age. And that's where Elowen Marlowe comes in — A designer toy doll and smartphone app combination that teaches kids all about the importance of biodiversity and how to make charitable donations on their own in a fun and engaging way so that they develop a lifelong love for nature and become champions for the planet.

It’s me — Elowen Marlowe!

It can be hard to educate children about important topics, especially when they would rather play with their toys. With Elowen Marlowe, however, they can learn and play at the same time! Elowen Marlowe is an interactive toy doll — she wears an endlessly interchangeable hairstyle/wig and a darling dress, one of many in her wardrobe collection, and her hands can magnetically hold objects! It’s your kid’s new best friend that will teach them all about contributing to our beautiful world.

Elowen Marlowe's arms and legs flex at the joint allowing her to hold her animals and baby sister, primp her hairdo, and cross her legs. She is also weighted and sturdy so that she can sit up and be stable in a chair or on any surface․

Great for Anywhere!

Whether at home, at school, or with their friends — Elowen Marlowe provides a healthy and exciting learning environment for any child.

Introducing the Elowen Marlowe Doll

Upon purchasing Elowen Marlowe, a percentage of the purchase profit goes to the Save the Elephants and Save the Rhinoceros International funds. That’s also when your child’s educational adventure begins — playing with their doll, learning through the app, and donating real money to charitable funds through their earned in-game points. Plus, when additional accessories are purchased for the doll, part of those profits are credited right back into the app to be donated to a good cause.

Fun & Educational

With Elowen Marlowe, your kids will embark on a fun and exciting journey of learning! They can spend time playing with the doll, changing her hairstyle and outfit, or explore the app to discover amazing facts about the world we live in. Whether it's rhinos, elephants, or other nature topics, they'll learn about the importance of biodiversity in a way that's easy to understand and great fun.



18x6x2 in (45x15x5 cm)


White, Pink, Dark brown, Light brown, Tan, Peach


1lb (0.45 kg)


Linen, Wool, Felt, Cotton, Magnets, Glass Micro Beads, PLA Fiber

What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Elowen Marlowe doll
  • 1x Mobile App Installation Instructions
  • 1x Wig (for the doll)
  • 1x Dress (for the doll)


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