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Finder TW2: Redefining Astrophotography

Finder TW2: Redefining Astrophotography

Witness the magnificence of the heavens and see the stars like you have never seen them before with the Finder TW2 and DS1, the first and only AI-powered planetary camera, and transcend into the unknown to capture stunning images and video of the universe!

See the Universe In Comfort

Don’t lean in to stare at an eyepiece when you want to see the majesty of the night sky! Look at them through a high resolution screen that you can adjust so you can appreciate the universe in comfort. But there is absolutely no compromise on image quality because the DS1 image collector comes with integrated AI to improve image quality with color correction, color difference, WDR, MCTF, noise reduction, anti-shake technology and dehazing of everything you see through your telescope. 

Visual editing with DS1

World's First AI-Powered Planetary Camera

Command Your Observatory

The photos you take will have every bit of modern technology available to you, so instead of uploading them and making adjustments on your pictures on your computer, you can do it in real time right on your screen!


Get the app and make changes on the app as well and always have full control!.

The Traveling Telescope

Unlike other telescopes the Beaverlab TW2 is both highly capable and easy to transport. The whole telescope weighs less than 4 kilograms (8 pounds) and is made to be portable. With the TW2, you get a high-resolution telescope and a 5-inch touchscreen that is designed to be portable. 


Attach the legs for the tripod and you now have a new set of eyes that can see into deep space everywhere you go.

Professional Grade and Beginner Friendly

The Finder TW2 might be a telescope that professionals will love but you don’t have to be a pro to use it. The user-friendly instructions will make you an astronomer, because the TW2 doesn’t come with any complex set-ups. It is accessible to both beginners and experienced photographers, so you can spend more time seeing stars and less time struggling with setup and operation.

See More Than The Stars

Use FInder TW2 as a telephoto camera and see more than the night sky because with Beaverlab, all of nature is for you to witness. Take magnificent photos of animals, such as birds, mammals, and reptiles in their natural habitats of mountains, forests, and deserts. When you go back to civilization, witness the cities through the lens of your TW2 and capture the cityscape. 


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