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Preorder Flappie for your country!

Preorder Flappie for your country!

Get an exclusive discount on the final price of Flappie. Reserve Flappie now to get it as soon as it is available in your country!

Say no to prey inside your home.

Flappie prevents your cat from catching mice, birds and any other prey into the house, thanks to our AI prey detection.

Say no to prey inside your home.

Sleek Design

Flappie adds a touch of elegance to your home. It's designed to be both beautiful and practical, making it a great fit for any modern household. With Flappie, you get a catflap that looks good and works great

Flappie Features

Selective Access Control

With our Microchip reader, Flappie makes sure only your cat can enter your home.

Prey Detection via Camera

Equipped with state-of-the-art AI technology, Flappie identifies prey such as mice and birds.

Experience your Cats' Life

Through push notifications, you receive exciting analyses, videos, and photos of your cat from the Flappie app, and can control all settings of the cat flap remotely.

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