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Flora Easy: An Eco-Friendly Home

Flora Easy: An Eco-Friendly Home

Made with recycled plastic, Flora Easy makes a perfect home for your most cherished flowers and plants.

Let All Of Your Plants Grow Faster

Thanks to its unique design — reminiscent of a free-standing bathtub — and built-in technology, the pot pumps in 5.7 gallons of air per hour to effectively boost your plant's growth.

Let All Of Your Plants Grow Faster

Healthy Plants Grow Better!

Your Flora Easy provides air from within the soil, ensuring that your greenery's roots receive enough air and nutrition. Once its roots are charged with a sufficient amount of air, the plant starts growing 50% faster.

Makes your plants Bigger!

Boost your plants natural, simply with air. You can recover your existing plants with flora easy too.

Provides More Nutrient To The Plant

Powered by a 1 watt hi-tech ultra-silent air pump and a powerful built-in battery to last 14 days at 24/7 use, Flora Easy allows enough nutrition to provide optimum growth for your green friends.

The Benefit of More Air

Air is the most natural, environmentally friendly and cheapest fertilizer, which you cannot overdose.

Only 0.04% of air is relevant to plants. More air means more relevant parts.

It enriches the water reservoir with air. Air, water, minerals and moisture are better distributed.

The Pump sucks in your indoor air and purifies it. One Flora Easy pot can clean a 320 square foot room.

You will have a faster growing bigger plant. The plant will havemore strenght and a better health.

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