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FLYSENN Maricare: The Smart Indoor Planting Device

FLYSENN Maricare: The Smart Indoor Planting Device

The easy way to get into indoor planting!

The Prefect Nurturing Environment

FLYSENN Maricare can provide the perfect environment for your plants. With its intelligent sensors and automatic planting assistant system, your plants will always be healthy and happy.

The Prefect Nurturing Environment

Make Planting Easy

FLYSENN Maricare is a brand new smart indoor planting device. With our easy to use app, you can get started with planting without any prior experience. And our free upgrade for APP and device for 2 years.

How does FLYSENN Maricare work?

You can plant anything with FLYSENN Maricare - from flowers to vegetables. Just put your seeds in the bag, select the matching seed type on your phone and follow the instructions on the app. FLYSENN Maricare will take care of your plants and guide you through every step, from seeds to harvest.

What is FLYSENN Maricare?

FLYSENN Maricare is a new generation of smart indoor planting devices.It takes the pain out of planting and makes it easy for everyone to have a green baby!

IoT System

The Maricare is connected to the internet so you can control it from your phone

Planting Assistant

The Maricare has a built-in assistant that will guide you through the planting process

Easy Installation

No need for a green thumb! The Maricare is easy to install and doesn't require any special knowledge

Control Everything With Your Phone

The Maricare app lets you control every aspect of your Maricare from your phone. You can even share your plants with the community!

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