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FUELL Fllow: Ride Into the Future

FUELL Fllow: Ride Into the Future

Combining minimalist elegance with a true urban range of 150+ miles, the acceleration of a superbike, and a convenient 50L of built-in storage.

Large Urban Range

There’s one big fear with going electric — how far can I ride? With Fllow, that’s a worry of the past! Built to give you the range you need, Fllow comes with a high-capacity 10 kWh battery that offers a real urban range of 150+ miles (240+ km). For an average 15-mile commute, that’s charging once a week!

Full Charge in Under 30 Minutes

Stopping to charge your Fllow is just like stopping for gas. With a high-capacity 10 kWh battery pack integrated into the chassis capable of charging via CCS fast chargers, you can charge your Fllow from 0-100% in under 30 minutes. Or top up from 20-90% in less than 15 minutes!

Upgrade Your Fllow over Time

Fllow was designed in a modular way to evolve with technology and allow for upgradability. The battery pack, rear wheel motor, and fast charging socket can be upgraded to your preferences. The connected dashboard also receives regular updates, so you’ll always have access to the latest technology. You can even start with a 15 hp Fllow-1 and upgrade to full power 47 hp Fllow-1S when you’re ready!

50-liter Secured Storage Space

Opening the cargo department gives you a lot more room to store your gear! Fllow can comfortably fit a day bag, a full-face helmet, and still have room to spare in its 50 liters of storage space. And as it’s built in, you won’t need to sacrifice aerodynamics, aesthetics or mileage to carry your things!

The Smarter Commuter

Control, view, and service everything through your Fllow’s integrated dashboard and associated app. Seamlessly connect your ride with your smartphone and manage Fllow.

Made in USA

Fllow is designed in the US by Erik Buell and his FUELL team, and assembled by a team of US technicians. FUELL’s team has a unique experience in designing and operating flexible assembly lines capable of delivering up to 15,000 units per year. Compared to a gas-powered equivalent, Fllow has 60% less parts and can be assembled 40% faster,speeding up production and passing on cost savings directly to you.

Brilliantly Optimized Powertrain

Fllow optimizes chassis handling and generates optimal power flow — a very high torque of 750 Nm (553lb-ft) at a weight under 400 lbs (180 kg). Traction and launch control manages wheelies and wheel slip enhancing safety when accelerating from 0 to 60 mph/100kmh in 3.5 seconds.

Built to Last

Lightweight alloy castings, including a magnesium monocoque “MonoStruct©”, make the Fllow exceptionally durable. And by integrating the upgradable battery pack directly into the chassis structure, Fllow achieves maximum structural stability while keeping the e-commuter as light as possible.

Patented Technologies

The Fllow is ready to revolutionize your mobility with groundbreaking technologies that set it apart from any other urban e-commuter.

Axially Integrated Transverse Flux Motor

Provides high torque while minimizing unsprung mass.

Battery Pack Integrated Into Chassis

Magnesium alloy monocoque battery pack a s predominant structural element of the chassis.

Optimized Powertrain Integration

The rear wheel motor and integral control circuitry is retrofittable as the technology evolves.

Advanced Braking System

The combination of hydraulic disc brake on the front and computer controlled regenerative braking in the rear provides a single control system.


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