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Furry Tag: The Ultimate Pet Care Companion

Furry Tag: The Ultimate Pet Care Companion

Keep a paw on your pet's health and safety with Furry Tag – the ultimate solution for monitoring and tracking all of your furry friend’s needs. Designed by veterinarians and powered by AI, it’s the ultimate EMF-free digital pet tag.

More Than Just A Tag

Furry Tag is not just a pet ID tag — it’s an all-in-one solution with a revolutionary smartphone app. Designed by vets, it allows you to monitor your furry friend's safety and well-being, get comprehensive health information, and ensure all reminders are set – from vaccinations to check-ups. So your pet can be healthy, happy, and safe furevermore!

All Health Data in 1 Spot

Ever wondered how your furry little friend is really doing? Furry Tag allows you to record all of your pet’s health, behavioral and daily habits in one spot and in seconds. This allows you to notice abnormalities over time and help providers care for your pet better — so they will always be one step ahead of potential trouble. 

Find Your Lost Pet

No one likes losing their pet. When the unimaginable happens, Furry Tag helps locate your pet quickly and easily. The embedded QR code and NFC chip allow the finder to securely get in touch with you. You can also set rewards and update your contact information in real-time — so the finder is always in the know and you can be reunited with your pet safely.

Vet Visits Made Easy

With Furry Tag, you no longer have to waste time explaining and trying to remember every aspect of your pet’s life to your vet. It provides all medical information in one convenient place, so your veterinarian can spend less time collecting data and more time taking care of your pet. That also means you’ll spend less money on unnecessary procedures.

Designed And Supported By Veterinarians

Furry Tag is designed by qualified veterinarians who understand the importance of tracking daily care. The result? A carefully crafted solution that saves time and money on unnecessary testing, while providing convenience and accuracy. For you, the vet, and any pet service providers. And with real veterinarians on the team, you are sure to always have an excellent library of insightful and informative content.

No More Potty Accidents

Ditch potty accidents for good with Potty Log! This feature learns your pet’s potty habits and uses AI to accurately predict when it’s time to go potty. So you’ll never have to worry about accidents again. Plus, the potty log allows you to take and store pictures so you can provide your veterinarian access to user-uploaded photos, so that any abnormalities can be quickly and easily identified, and you won’t have to awkwardly describe your pet’s stool anymore.

Purr-fect Care Tips from Professional Vets

Furry Tag’s smartphone app provides you with exclusive access to a library of articles and videos on a variety of topics — diet, behavior, education, and more — curated by our in-house veterinarian, so that you can give your pet the best care possible.

Hey Max, How Are You Feeling Today?

Designed and Supported by Veterinarians Ever wonder how your pet is feeling? Furry Tag’s AI chat feature lets you ask questions through the app as if you’re chatting with your furry friend! Ask questions like “Did you take your medications today” or engage in a serious conversation and hear what they have to say.

What You'll Get

  • 1x Furry Tag with swivel carabiner
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1-year free app subscription


  • Dimensions - 2.5 cm (1 in) diameter
  • Color options - Shiny black, Silver, Gold
  • Technology - NFC, QR , AI-powered connected app
  • Materials - Lightweight metal


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