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Gamgee: Wi-Fi Home Alarm That Protects You

Gamgee: Wi-Fi Home Alarm That Protects You

Harness the power of Wi-Fi and AI to detect intruders and keep your property safe and secure with Gamgee — the proactive home security solution that doesn’t require complicated sensors or intrusive cameras. Enjoy peace of mind with real-time intelligent protection.

Intruders Stand No Chance

No one likes intruders. Neither does Gamgee Wi-Fi home alarm. Its AI algorithm learns and adapts to differentiate between family members, guests, and potential intruders based on their unique "body prints". 

What happens in case of an intruder? Easy. Gamgee Wi-Fi home alarm’s AI will recognize the danger and send you an instant notification on your smartphone — allowing you to take action immediately.

Your Data, Your Rules.

Gamgee Wi-Fi home alarm ensures your data is processed and stored locally on your mesh router in compliance with the stringent European GDPR and CCPA regulations. No cloud storage, no risks. You retain complete control over your data — and no one else.


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