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Garden Stack: The Future of Home Farming

Garden Stack: The Future of Home Farming

The only fully automated, zero connectivity home vertical farm solution that will turn anybody into a pro gardener

Beautiful and easy to use

Garden Stack was designed to be beautiful and easy to use. Its clean lines and modular design will complement any home décor, and its simple top-up watering system means that even the most novice gardener can get started with ease.

Beautiful and easy to use

The Future of Farming

Garden Stack is the first fully automated and zero connectivity vertical farm. We are the only ones applying ancient olla irrigation technology to a modern vertical farm. Ollas are porous containers in the ground, and they've been used to nourish our crops for thousands of years, from China to Rome. Olla irrigation remains the most efficient method of soil-irrigation to this day. It's way more water-efficient than even drip irrigation. Let's rediscover the power of ollas.

Garden Stack is the way to go!

Garden Stack is the way to go! With its simple and easy to use design, you will have your vertical garden up and running in no time. Full automation means you'll never have to worry about over- or under-watering. Just sit back and enjoy the fruits (or veggies) of your labor!

Garden Stack

Garden Stack is the only vertical farm to apply traditional olla irrigation technology to a modern vertical farm. The result is fully automated irrigation without any connectivity. Just unplug, forget and say goodbye to over- and under-watering your plants.

Full automation

Garden Stack automates the process of precisely irrigating your plants, so you can unplug and forget about it.

Zero connectivity

Garden Stack offers a break from modern stress and technology. There's no app for that

Traditional olla irrigation

Garden Stack uses olla irrigation, an ancient and proven irrigation method, to water your plants perfectly.


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