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GH Carabiner: Versatile. Titanium. 17-in-1

GH Carabiner: Versatile. Titanium. 17-in-1

A man’s toolset is an extension of himself, so carry around a toolkit that fits in your hand and where every bit is as much a man as you are. Versatile, durable and a master of all, the spring loaded gate and autolocking GH Carabiner gives you 17 tools to get every job done your way, the right way.

When You Have a Screw Loose

Tired of pocket screwdrivers slipping off the screw everytime you need to batten down the hatches? Yeah, so were we. 


The GH Carabiner offers you 3 screw heads, a flathead and hex head you can switch out to any other interchangeable head. Our screwdriver heads come with an anti slip feature but when push comes to shove and you need a new head you can change out screws anytime something goes wrong…and we all know how often that can be.

Glass Breaker, Have It and Not Need It

Whether you’re rescuing your keys or your baby from a hot car, or if you need to break apart some ice on the side of a mountain or at a party…spare your fist and use the GH Carabiner Glass Breaker instead. 

Level, for When It’s Time to Straighten Up

Your GH Carabiner comes with a built-in level that’s more accurate than your judgment after three cups of coffee. Hang a picture, hang a cabinet, hang anything you want but just hang it straight. 

Pry Bar, for That Stubborn Nail

Use tools for the reason they are made and stop using knives to pull out nails. The pry bar is the right tool for those rusted stuck nails. 

Bottle Opener, Rewarding… in More Ways Than One

Having a bottle opener hanging off your keys is tacky, but you should still offer someone else a drink when they can’t open it themselves. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to open a buddy’s beer, or meet a new friend. 

Utility Knife, Because You Know You Need One

Quicker and easier than using your teeth. Interchangeable blades keep you sharp, and the folding feature keeps things discrete. So you can stay as far away from the dentist as possible no matter how many times you need to cut some fishing line.

The Metric and Imperial Rule

Use it as a straightedge when marking something down, and measure everything else when you need to get precise. With inches on one side and centimeters on the other, every man needs a tool they can use around the world.  

A File to Smooth Things Over

Your secret weapon for smoothing, shaping, and saying goodbye to rough edges that catch and pull and annoy. 

A Fire Starter for When Lighters Don’t Ignite

With the GH Carabiner fire-starter, conjure flames with a flick of your wrist. So you don't rub two sticks together when your matches are moist and your lighter is out of gas. 

Storage So You Stop Losing Bits

Screws, bits, and sparks? Keep them close but not scattered. The GH Multitool Carabiner thinks ahead with magnetic storage that secures the tiny things that matter. Effective, discreet, and damn clever – because no one has time for a game of “find the tiny metal bit.”

Trouble Can’t Hide From You, Even in the Dark

Using the elements, find your GH Carabiner even in the darkest night with the Tritium Tube Slot. The phosphorus glow will help you get the tool you need while staying sleek everywhere you go. 

Spring Loaded Gate, To Make Life Easier

Spring-loaded carabiners can sometimes miss their mark after some use. Not ours, made of enhanced titanium parts, clip-on and clip-off without ever getting it wrong. 

Made to Outlast a Lifetime

Not just a sidekick, but a partner to last a lifetime. We are so confident in the GH Carabiner that we are giving it a lifetime warranty. A lifetime of strength, longevity, and reliability is our standard, with a lifetime warranty to back it. 


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