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Give your side hustle a fighting chance

Give your side hustle a fighting chance

Building a side hustle can be exhausting, lonely, frustrating and expensive. Give yourself a fighting chance with a community of people like you who will have your back. In Side Hustle City, you have a built-in "neighborhood" where you'll find clients, partners, and vendors.

Don't just build a business, build an economy

Imagine moving to a new city and opening your business there. Side Hustle City is a virtual city where your neighbors need what you do or make. We hire each other, buy each other's courses, books, and products. Why? Because we know, like, and trust each other. All you have to do is move in (virtually), and make friends.

Don't just build a business, build an economy

A Community for Side Hustlers, By Side Hustlers

  1. Find new clients
  2. Focus, and move the needle in your life
  3. Grow your audience and client list
  4. Grow your income, sell your course

Be a Big Fish in a Smaller Pond

Avoid the temptations and distractions of generic social media by befriending people like you, who have skin in the game.

Find Clients

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. When you participate in our community, this happens organically.

Powerful Peers

Ask and answer questions in a tight-knit community. Learn from those a few steps ahead of you, and help those who are a few steps behind you.


Hear what's working -- and what's not -- from others in video group discussions. Test your ideas and get feedback. Teach a class.

Don't be outnumbered

Building a side hustle is a battle. There's a lot working against you: time, energy, budget, and people. But the person who joins the Side Hustle City community understands one thing: Your odds of success multiply when you have help. You can own your side hustle alone, but you don't have to build it alone. Surround yourself with other ambitious people who want more out of life, who want to pursue their passions on their own terms, and who want financial resilience. You want them on your side.

"Buy Local"

We're all more loyal to our neighbors. This is a chance to have local neighbors on a global scale. Build your brand and income in a safe and supportive space before you launch to the Great Big World on Twitter, Gumroad, etc.

Create, host, and sell your course within your community

Sell your book to your Side Hustle City "neighbors"

Grow your newsletter or blog with sharing groups

Measure buyer intent for your product

Hosted by 10-Year Side Hustle Pro, Brian Carmody

Gain real-world practical insight from someone who has been managing multiple side hustles, while leading a manufacturing company full-time, for ten years.

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