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GoChess: Most Powerful Chessboard Ever Invented

GoChess: Most Powerful Chessboard Ever Invented

Experience the magic with the world's first fully-robotic smart chess board, with self-moving pieces and color-coded coaching lights. Learn. Play. Improve. Compete.

Fully Robotic

Beneath the sleek and elegant surface, is a hidden mechanism that simultaneously moves multiple pieces fast, smoothly and quietly, enabling a fully immersive playing experience. It will automatically and magically move and reflect your opponent's move (whether it’s an AI, or your friend from far) on the board.

Automatic Game Setup and Advanced Play

Forget about tedious and time-consuming setups for your next game. Experience quick puzzle setups and auto setup for a new game, as multiple pieces move simultaneously. GoChess serves as a live stream for game replays, historical chess games, and match broadcasts.

2 Successful Campaigns | 300K+ Happy Customers

With 2 successful award-winning campaigns - GoCube and GoDice, and +300K customers worldwide, you can count on us to deliver GoChess to the highest spec. Particula continues to revive new life in the classic games and toys, bridging generations, families, and loved ones. Get ready and polish your chess skills, we're coming to your homes soon!

Smart and Connected

Play on a real chess board, while connecting and playing with millions of players online via GoChess App. With its built-in magnetic sensors and connectivity to track and remember moves, GoChess makes it possible to play with anyone near or far, preserving the true experience of authentic chess.

Connect. Play. Improve. Compete

Designed by chess masters, chess lovers, and aspiring players, our GoChess app runs intuitively and is super user-friendly. Sync your real-life board to the exclusive app to manage all the features of GoChess. Connect popular chess platforms, play puzzles, and historical games, and stream real-time matches. App remembers the play state for seamless resumption and offers real-time analysis to enhance your game.

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