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Grow Anything Indoors

Grow Anything Indoors

Abby creates a small eco-system that utilizes state of the art technology to simulate sunlight, monitor and regulate environmental factors, and maintain healthy water circulation.

The Completely Discreet Indoor Grower

Abby is the perfect inconspicuous addition to your home. It matches the rest of your interior, is completely closed off, and doesn’t circulate fresh air to avoid any odor buildups.

Keep Your Plant Healthy

Nothing sucks more than your green little friend dying on you. We designed Abby for ambitious gardeners with busy schedules, homes with poor sunlight, and certified plant killers. Abby automatically pumps water and nutrients to your plant — all you do is watch it thrive.

Intelligent Hydroponics

Thanks to a combination of advanced sensors and smart algorithms, Abby automatically monitors the environment and plant parameters for you, which are Growth height, Temperature and humidity, Water temperature and level. You will get the most fruitful buds!

Powerful Air Flow

Abby keeps the fresh air flowing with two adjustable exhaust and intake fans. Paired with a replaceable active carbon filter, you and your plant will be huffing & puffing fresh air all day long.

Ideal Full Spectrum & High PPFD

The Samsung LM301H-full-spectrum LED plant light increases light output by up to 50%. Abby meets all of your plants' photosynthetic needs.

Just Say “Hey Abby!”

With "Hey Abby" voice controls, you can open the door, feed your plant, ask it how it is doing, and even meditate with your plant. There is no need to get on the app with voice controls.

No Scales Needed

No soil, no measuring, no need to get your hands dirty. Just place the premeasured fertilizer on the plant feeding tray and it will automatically drop it into the water to get vital nutrients to your plant’s roots. Clean-up is a breeze too. Just pull out the draining tube and empty out the used water with one click!

Instant Reports on your Plant

Abby eliminates the need for manual measurement, and the app data can be accessed in the palm of your hand. Not only does the Abby app automatically control your air flow and light exposure, but it also tracks the growing stages of your plant and provides instant feedback.

Grow Together with the Abby Community

The app provides one-to-one expert guidance to solve all kinds of planting problems. Within our community of gardeners, you can share planting diaries, discuss skills, and participate in community activities to win oxygen rewards!

Tech Specs

What You’ll Get

Once you purchase the Abby grow box itself, you will have 1 year free membership, charges begin upon 1 year later. Membership includes: Abby's innovative original solid fertilizer x 32 (Every quarter) / Activated carbon filter x 4 (Every quarter) / Fully APP community features (Accessible expert support, oxygen rewards, IOT control, Plant community)

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