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Gunsens: Protecting Lives With AI Technology

Gunsens: Protecting Lives With AI Technology

Gunsens, an AI-powered active shooter detector, promptly alerts the public and authorities, even before a shot is fired. It surpasses traditional surveillance by efficiently detecting visible gun threats, reducing false alarms and providing timely information to the relevant authorities.

Superior Monitoring for Enhanced Safety

A key feature of the Gunsens device is its integrated video camera, which provides continuous monitoring of specified areas. The camera is equipped with a wide 180-degree field of view, guaranteeing thorough coverage of a room in its entirety from its mounted position. This advanced feature ensures the Gunsens device can accurately and efficiently detect threats — even before a single shot is fired, thereby providing an advanced warning system that prioritizes safety and quick response times.

Effortless Installation, Consistent Connectivity

Gunsens is designed for user convenience. Its wall-mounted design, similar to a light switch, is both unobtrusive and efficient, ensuring it blends seamlessly into any environment. Gunsens is directly wired for power, eliminating the need for frequent charging or battery replacements. Operating exclusively on robust cellular networks, it ensures consistent connectivity and uninterrupted operational effectiveness, providing a reliable line of defense against potential threats at all times.

Efficient Communication with Law Enforcement

Upon detection of a potential threat, an automatic alert is dispatched to the nearest police station or dispatch center. This alert contains the unique ID of the Gunsens device, providing the exact location of the threat for a swift and effective response.

Taking Control of Any Situation

In the face of a potential threat, maintaining control over the situation is crucial. Gunsens not only provides rapid threat detection but also ensures that the right people have the necessary knowledge to take swift action.

The Gunsens App - Keeping You Informed

The Gunsens mobile app is a key component of our solution, designed to keep you informed and empowered during a critical situation. Upon receiving a threat alert from the Gunsens device, the app immediately relays the information directly to your smartphone, ensuring you are promptly notified about potential dangers in your surroundings.

Moreover, the application provides real-time updates about the situation, ensuring that you are equipped with the most recent and accurate information.

Faster Than a Bullet

With Gunsens in place, the standard response time is reduced from 5 minutes to mere seconds from the incident point. It liberates potential victims from the stress of assessing the situation themselves, recognizing the presence of an active shooter, dialing emergency services, and providing detailed descriptions and addresses, all while in immediate peril.

The Business of Saving Lives

By virtually eradicating the delay often experienced in reporting an active shooter situation to the police, the Gunsens device remarkably amplifies safety measures. Engineered for maximum efficiency, it prioritizes immediate action while maintaining uncompromised privacy, thus presenting a unique competitive edge.


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