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Introducing Gyrospeed

Introducing Gyrospeed

The perfect pitching trainer for any baseball pitcher who wants to improve their velocity and accuracy. With its built-in speed tracker, you can easily keep track of your progress and see the results of your training!

Speed tracking personal pitching trainer

Gyrospeed is the perfect personal pitching trainer for baseball players who want to track their pitching velocity and improve their pitching efficiency.

Speed tracking personal pitching trainer

Track your progress

Gyrospeed uses a high-speed gyroscope to track the velocity of your pitches, so you can see your progress and identify areas for improvement.

How does Gyrospeed work?

Gyrospeed works by tracking the speed and amount of throws that you make with the resistance towel attached. It is a personal pitching trainer that can help you improve your speed and accuracy.

Track your pitching speed and get real-time feedback

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