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HealingFit: Sleep Faster, Better, Deeper.

HealingFit: Sleep Faster, Better, Deeper.

The healing power of sleep is more than just a cliché. As a digital mental care product, HealingFit uses revolutionary TES brain wave stimulation and sound therapy to give you the best night's rest imaginable. Sleep deeper than ever and wake up feeling fully refreshed, ready to take on your day!

Solve Insomnia without Risky Medication

Sleeping pills and other anti-stress medications can be hard on your wallet and their side effects can be a serious risk to your health. HealingFit removes the need for risky medications by improving your sleep quality and curing your insomnia using the revolutionary TES brain wave stimulation and sound therapy — a safe, affordable, and highly effective solution that will help you feel relaxed and at ease throughout the day.

Relax and Sleep Well with TES Therapy

Many psychological and physical conditions are linked to endorphin deficiency. TES therapy activates endorphin generation inside the brain using 77Hz micro-electric stimulation, which normalizes brain function and provides a wide range of benefits.

Improved sleep quality

Stress & fatigue relief

Increased concentration & Better memory

Activation of the immune system

Bringing TES Therapy to the People

Existing TES devices are built for professionals and can be extremely complicated to operate. HealingFit is compact and extremely easy to use, making it available for use by anyone with ease!

Verging the Power of Sound

Ever calmed down or fell asleep over a peaceful and harmonious piece of music? It’s amazing how the right music can affect our mood and purify our minds. HealingFit uses the power of sound therapy with 15 healing sounds in 3 modes – including binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies. Or you can upload and listen to your favorite music.

Easy to Use

HealingFit is easily controlled using just a few simple buttons on the earpiece.

Feel relaxed. Anywhere, anytime.

HealingFit’s healing and study modes help you create an atmosphere of peace, deep concentration, and stress relief. It’s also game-changingly portable, allowing you to feel optimal no matter where you are — whether you’re driving, shopping, or just out for a walk. And best of all, you can forget about visits to the clinic.

Comfortable & Ergonomic fit

Nothing is worse than devices that require constant adjustments to maintain a tiny bit of comfort. HealingFit has a unique neckband structure that is designed to be comfortable for any head size and during any situation – ensuring a comfortable fit when lying in bed, leaning back against a sofa or chair, and staying snug in place during extreme movement.

Enjoy Music without Blocking Your Ears

Sometimes, you just want to relax by listening to your favorite songs. HealingFit also works as a Bluetooth bone conduction earphone capable of playing your music, podcasts, or audiobooks. It sits next to your ears so you can listen without blocking out vital sounds from the outside world, resulting in better situational awareness. And thanks to MSTS™, MobiFren's proprietary audio tuning technology, you can enjoy the very best sound quality without ear fatigue even after hours of use.

Fully Independent MP3 Player

HealingFit allows you to store audio files and listen to them on the go without the need for a smartphone. Perfect for those not too familiar with smartphones or in situations when you can’t or don’t want to carry one along.


  • Color: Midnight black
  • Dimensions: 120mm x 85mm x 55mm
  • Battery life: music: ~6 hours, therapy: ~5 hours
  • Materials: Polycarbonate, Aluminum, Silicone

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