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World’s 1st 3-side Wrap-around Electric Toothbrush

World’s 1st 3-side Wrap-around Electric Toothbrush

Did you know the efficacy of toothbrushing on average is less than 50%? Thanks to its 3-side wrap-around bristle design, HEISR cleans each of your teeth 3x better than a conventional toothbrush for a near-perfect clean.

Meet the Toothbrush of the Future

According to our clinical laboratory research, using the HEISR 3D wraparound electric toothbrush for 2 weeks provides your teeth with an average cleanliness of 99%.

2x better cleaning of your teeth

3x better cleaning of your gums

Removes up to 95% of dental plaque

6x better removal of inner surface plaque

Meet the Toothbrush of the Future

Others Brush. We Clean!

The PBT bristles on all three sides of the brush head are powered by sonic vibration, which allows the toothbrush to work 3 times better than conventional ones. Furthermore, our studies found that HEISR removes 2x more plaque, reaching a clinical level of cleaning!

3-Side Wrap-Around Design. No More Blind Spots!

HEISR’s fully wrap-around toothbrush allows you to simultaneously clean the upper, outer and inner side of your teeth. Every side gets sufficiently cleaned, helping you avoid any blind spot!

Effortless! Brushing Has Never Been So Easy

Bass-method requires 12 different brush positions, which are hard to acquire, and you may miss out on the same spots repeatedly (thus leading to bad teeth), but with HEISR, you can brush most efficiently and effectively with great ease.

Rotatable Brush Head

Expandable on all 3 sides, the brush head can adjust itself to fit teeth of varied thicknesses while rotating freely along the teeth, combined with the rotatable head, you can reach all the hard-to-reach spots like never before.

Rechargeable battery

Never worry about your electric toothbrush running out of juice! The HEISR toothbrush comes with a compact charging station that will keep it powered up and ready for use whenever you need.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x HEISR toothbrush
  • 2x Brush heads
  • 1x Charging station


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