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Post-apocalypse survival rpg top-down shooter.

Post-apocalypse survival rpg top-down shooter.

Post-apocalypse survival rpg top-down shooter, with elements of crafting, exploration of territories, confrontation with gangs, sectarians, raiders, military, psychos, nature, in a world on the verge of ecological collapse.

Survive if you can

Welcome to the world of "Hold Your Breath," an exhilarating survival game where every breath could be your last. Immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic reality full of dangers, moral dilemmas, and mysterious puzzles.

Fight for Clean Air

The core gameplay revolves around searching, purifying, and conserving air. This unique element adds tension and unexpected twists to the game.

Open-World Exploration

Dive into diverse locations, not just in search of air but also other crucial resources. The expansive world provides players with freedom of action and decision-making.

Multiple Narrative Paths

Various storylines allow you to choose your path, from simple survival to interacting with bandits and unraveling the mysteries of the apocalypse.

Cooperative Mode

Invite friends into your world of survival. Cooperative play increases variability, providing a unique survival experience.

Survive if you can

The world of the game "Hold Your Breath" is a post-apocalyptic environment engulfed in crisis, altering the face and dynamics of ordinary life. Here are several key features of the game world

Atmosphere of Mourning and Danger

The game world is permeated with a heavy atmosphere of grief and danger. Polluted air and unstable conditions create an environment where every breath could be the last, and constant challenges force players to stay alert.

Diverse Locations

From ruined cities and former suburbs to abandoned industrial zones and areas overrun by wild nature, players will explore diverse locations, each presenting unique challenges.

Complex Survival Mechanics

Game elements focus on an oxygen deficit, making survival more challenging and intense. Players will need to strategically manage their resources to stay alive in conditions of constant threat.

Tense Social Relationships

Bandits, other surviving groups, and even fellow countrymen can pose a threat. Moral choices and interactions with other characters play a crucial role in the development of the storyline and determine the outcome of survival.

A vast world awaits you, ripe for exploration not just for air, but also for other vital resources: food, water, weapons, and armor. Players can follow different narrative paths, from mere survival to interacting with bandits and uncovering the secrets of this devastated world


Survival is the cornerstone of the gameplay. Players need to adapt to harsh conditions, securing food, water, and shelter while crafting weapons and armor to protect against wild animals, bandits, and other unknown threats

Mystical "Breath of Death" Virus

The mystery of the virus causing the "Breath of Death" becomes a key element of the plot. Unraveling the secrets of this virus, players will discover more about the circumstances of the catastrophe.


The world of "Hold Your Breath" is designed to provide players with a rich and detailed experience, where survival becomes a struggle against uncertainty and resource search in a world shrouded in the shadow of the apocalypse.

Danger lurks at every corner in this world. Lack of air, radioactive zones, aggressive creatures, and hostile groups can all lead to your demise. Beyond physical threats, players encounter moral dilemmas that can alter the course of the story and the outcome of their survival

Players are continually faced with the choice between risk and potential reward. Is it worth venturing into danger for valuable resources? Should you trust strangers? Each decision you make could have long-term implications

Your Choices Matter

In the world of "Hold Your Breath," every decision you make influences the storyline. Take on the challenge and become a true survivor in an apocalyptic future.

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