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Hopper: The Footrest for the Fidgety

A modern footrest designed for comfort, health and a more active work lifestyle.

Upgrade Your Work Game

Whether it's from sitting at a desk all day or lounging on the couch, the lack of movement can lead to tension, leg pain, discomfort, restlessness and impact overall health.  

What Hopper Does For You


Elevates feet to a comfortable resting position, promoting better posture. User-controlled pressure creates a soothing rocking motion.


Aids in improving blood circulation and reducing muscle tension. Acts as a therapeutic coping mechanism for stress and fatigue.


Offers low-impact motion for calorie burning and lower leg muscle strengthening.

How Hopper Works

Crafted with a sturdy aluminum frame and precision-engineered torsion springs, Hopper promotes a fluid and relaxing motion with the appropriate amount of resistance and tension.  


The device remains in a comfortable resting position until force is again applied by the user.  

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