Car-presso: Drive. Sip. Indulge.

Experience unrivaled luxury blended with the comfort of a café in the Carprewso, an autonomous vehicle designed for coffee enthusiasts. Revel in the opulence of plush seating while savoring a finely crafted espresso from the integrated machine. Refined aesthetics meet convenience with a minimalist coffee corner, accentuating the vehicle's sleek interior. Activate your senses as the aroma of premium coffee beans fills the cabin with just a touch on the control panel. Carprewso turns your commute into an escape, where every journey is as soothing as your favorite coffee ritual.

Car-presso: Drive. Sip. Indulge.

Product Features

Autonomous Luxury

Self-driving ease meets espresso indulgence.

Premium Coffee Selection

A touch invites an array of exquisite brews.

Ergonomic Design

Relax optimally while your coffee is crafted.

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