A simple online review service that grows online sales.

Reviews Syndication

Reviews are distributed to our brand partners, and their top retailers.

Consumer Insights

We provide a quantitative study with valuable product, and channel information.

Informed Reviews

Reviewers are chosen with the goal of pairing products with the target consumer.

Identify Issues

Reviewers evaluate build quality, and consumer experience helping brands identify issues early

Reviews Mitigation

We help products that lack reviews find their niche.

Increased Sales

We generate consumer reviews at product launch maximizing the impact on sales
Additional Products Sold
Online Reviews
Products Reviewed


What are our clients are saying about us?

For new product launches, getting early product reviews is a critical factor to accelerate sales activity and establish our credibility with potential buyers. We credit our early success with these objectives to Prelaunch's Online Reviews program. Ironclad credibility, valuable customer feedback and insight and easy implementation. Definitely recommended.

Jonah Cagley

Vice President of Marketing, Bxterra

Extraordinary how reviews for home decorating products, an area which can be highly subjective based on individual tastes, can see an improvement in sales.

Lisa Berle

Product Marketing, Blooming Thistle

Incredibly valuable service.  Helped us successfully launch several new products to retail.

Donald Brewer

Vice President, Sales and Marketing, PicoBrew


Data-driven analytics, we are serious about reviews...

Quantity over Quality

Fascinating research regarding online reviews and the implications for consumers, brands and retailers.  (https://www.ama.org/2018/12/03/why-retailers-should-rethink-their-online-review-strategy/)   The research performed by Jared Watson, Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh and Michael Trusov really defines the value of a productive review program and where brands & retailers can look to better the consumer experience, and maximize marketing efforts.   If you are responsible […]

Reviews drive sales

For those that doubt the value of online product reviews, take note that online user reviews result in higher sales, Salesforce data from 2017 holidays "6% of shoppers who engaged with product recommendations on Black Friday accounted for a far outsized 32% of all digital revenues that day. And on Cyber Monday, the 5% of shoppers […]


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