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  • Get exclusive discounts when launched
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100% Refund or Cancel Anytime. Guaranteed
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What is

Prelaunch, innovation lovers

For Innovation Lovers.

What's here for you?
  • Follow your favorite brands' new product releases
  • Discover brand new products before they hit the mainstream
  • Get unprecedented discounts available only for you
  • Make reservations of your favorite products risk-free, with 100% refunds in case of delayed or cancelled delivery.
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Prelaunch, creators

For Creators.

What's here for you?
  • Test your product market demand on the idea stage.
  • Save time and money on building products market truly needs.
  • Build a community of your loyal customers.
  • Understand your product perfect positioning and price.
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Protecting the environment

By reserving products at their idea stage, you prevent the production and waste of millions of tons of resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Prelaunch is a platform for cool new innovative products that are about to launch soon. It is a place to connect creators with their audience earlier on in the development process so they can better understand each other.

How do reservations work?

A reservation is a small deposit you put down before a product’s launch to secure the best deal possible.

What are the risks connected with reservations?

Reservations are 100% risk free. The reservations are transferred to the creators 30 days after confirming the start of orders’ shipping. Refund reservations at any time before the start of shipping.

Can I refund my reservation?

Absolutely! If you’ve changed your mind or feel that the product is not exactly what you wanted you can cancel your reservation and get a full refund at any time before your product has been shipped out.

What if the product I reserved is being canceled?

When creators decide not to move forward with the production, you will be notified and your reservation will be fully refunded. is completely risk-free.