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ev readiness index

EV Readiness Index: Definition and Importance

by Iskouhie Poladian

electric bike laws by state

Electric Bike Laws And Regulations Across US States

by Angel Poghosyan

electric bike manufacturing

The Electric Bike Manufacturing Process: A Comprehensive Guide

by Iskouhie Poladian

bike shop business plan

Bike Shop Business Plan: Forging a Strategic Path to Success

by Iskouhie Poladian

A Complete Guide to Create and Optimize Project Pages on

by Prelaunch Team

electric bike marketing tips

Top Electric Bike Marketing Tips: Fueling Your Success

by Iskouhie Poladian

ebike distribution guide

Ebike Distribution Guide: Unleashing Success in a Growing Market

by Iskouhie Poladian

electric bike market trends

Electric Bike Market Trends Steering the Future of Two-Wheeled Mobility

by Iskouhie Poladian

future of ebikes

The Future of Electric Bikes: From Niche to Mainstream

by Iskouhie Poladian

electic bike events

Best Electric Bike Events All Ebike Producers Should Attend

by Iskouhie Poladian

dragonfly hyperscooter

How Predicted Dragonfly Hyperscooter’s Success

by Anna Voskanyan

hardware waste problem

The Hardware Waste Problem: A Path to Sustainability

by Angel Poghosyan

disadvantages of focus groups

8 Hidden Disadvantages of Focus Groups You Shouldn't Ignore

by Angel Poghosyan

product launch email

Product Launch Email: How to Craft,Tips and Examples

by Angel Poghosyan

customer development

Customer Development: How to Build Products That Your Customers Want

by Lili Avetyan

Problem Validation

Problem Validation And Customer Discovery Interviews

by Angel Poghosyan

product launch examples

7 Most Successful Product Launch Examples to Learn From

by Angel Poghosyan

how to create product launch social media posts

How to Create Product Launch Social Media Posts [with Examples]

by Lili Avetyan

Idea validation platform

Idea Validation Platform For Your Next Product |

by Lily Avetyan

From Fake Door Testing to Glassdoor Validation

From Fake Door Testing to Glassdoor Validation

by Narek Vardanyan | CEO,

kickstarter alternatives

Kickstarter Alternatives: Funding and Validation of Products

by Angel Poghosyan

customer validation

Customer Validation [Customer Targeted Questionnaire Included]

by Angel Poghosyan

product launch metrics

10 Product Launch Metrics to Help You Validate Your Idea

by Narek Vardanyan | CEO,

product launch press release

Product Launch Press Release [Example Included]

by Angel Poghosyan

How to Measure Product-Market Fit

How to Measure Product-Market Fit [Example Included]

by Lilit Drampian

Product Validation Process

Product Validation Process: Why Is It So Important?

by Angel Poghosyan

prelaunch marketing activities

6 Prelaunch Marketing Strategies to Ensure a Successful Launch

by Lili Avetyan

stages of product launch

The Captivating Stages of Product Launch: From Idea to Market

by Iskouhie Poladian

Product Launch Checklist

The Ultimate 25 Step Product Launch Checklist with Templates

by Iskouhie Poladian

prelaunch landing page

17 Steps to a Winning Prelaunch Landing Page [with Free Templates]

by Iskouhie Poladian

Pre-Order Products

Pre-Order Marketing: 18 Strategies, Examples, Steps and Tips

by Angela


How does Pre-Selling a Product Work? Tips for Preselling Successfully

by Iskouhie Poladian

Market Validation

Market Validation: The Ultimate Guide to Turning Feedback into Action

by Lili Avetyan

Product Price Testing

Product Price Testing: What Is It and How to Do It

by Mathew Zein

Focus Group Testing

Focus Group Testing: What It Is and How to Run a Focus Group Test

by Mathew Zein

Product Launch Failures

Learn From These 20 Product Launch Failures: Top Reasons and Tips for Success

by Angel Poghosyan

Market Strategy For New Product Launch

Best Practices for New Product Launch Market Strategy

by Angela Hassasian

Measure Your Product Market Fit with Sean Ellis

How to Measure Your Product Market Fit with Sean Ellis Test

by Mathew Zein

market demand

Market Demand: Finding, Testing, and Calculating Strategies

by Angel Poghosyan

failure rate

How Knows Your Products' Failure Rate Better Than You Do

by Shant Abraamyan

Blanc Egghead Mask Predicted The Success of This Egghead Mask

by Anna Voskanyan

Kittyspring Case Study

How KittySpring Raised $700k+ With the Help of

by Lilit A. Drampian

Poopail Can

How Helped PooPail Raise $500K

by Lilit A. Drampian

Crowdfunding Promotion

Top 22 Platforms for Your Crowdfunding Promotion

by Lilit A. Drampian

concept testing

The Complete Guidebook On Concept Testing

by Angela Hassassian

Prototype Testing

Prototype Testing: Refine your Ideas, Launch Confidently [Example included]

by Lilit A. Drampian

product competition

Product Competition: What is it and How to Beat Your Competitors?

by Lilit A. Drampian

how to make a prototype

How To Make A Prototype: 10 Steps To Success

by Lili Avetyan

Advantages of Crowdfunding

10 Advantages of Crowdfunding: An Ultimate Guide for Startups

by Angela Hassassian

product-market fit

Product-Market Fit: Measuring, Achieving, Succeeding the Right Way

by Lili Avetyan

Market Research Tools

Best Market Research Tools Marketers Use

by Angel Poghosyan

 Product Positioning

How to Come Up With a Winning Product Positioning [Examples Included]

by Lilit A. Drampian

Product Design

Product Design: A Comprehensive Guide for User-Centric Success

by Angel Poghosyan

Product Development Process

Product Development Process: The Ultimate Guide

by Angela Poghosyan

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