In today’s fast-paced business world, pre-launching a product has become a critical step in building a successful brand. By creating buzz, generating interest, and collecting valuable data, pre-launching allows entrepreneurs to test the market and ensure that their product will resonate with their target audience and will be available at the most acceptable price. 

This was especially true for the London-based personal recreation vehicle company D-Fly Group Ltd, which wanted to introduce the world’s first hyperscooter, Dragonfly Hyperscooter

The D-Fly team knew that they had a unique and innovative product, but they needed to ensure that there was enough interest and demand before they launched it. To achieve this, they partnered with the Prelaunch.com team to develop a comprehensive pre-launch strategy. the platform provided D-Fly with the tools and resources needed to create an effective online presence, build hype around their product, and collect data that could be used to inform their launch plans. 

By working with Prelaunch, Dragonfly was able to validate their product idea, optimize their pricing strategy, and build a community of engaged potential customers, all before their official launch. Let’s explore how Prelaunch and Dragonfly worked together to create a successful pre-launch campaign for the world’s first hyperscooter.

The Testing Started …

The first step for D-Fly was to determine which messaging and benefits resonated most with their target audience. To do this, they used Prelaunch’s testing feature to run A/B tests on different combinations of product features, pricing points, and marketing materials. This allowed them to identify which combination worked best quickly and enabled them to refine their product pitch in real time.

Validation #1: Messaging 

Generating interest in the product 

Landing pages are the first point of contact between potential customers and a new product, and they play a crucial role in the pre-launch phase. The Dragonfly Prelaunch team understood this and created a multi-step landing page that allowed potential customers to learn more about their product and join the growing community.

The landing page went through two major iterations, testing the main messaging. The first iteration of the landing page emphasized the fun, safety, and advanced features of the product, and it was well-received by potential customers. The page’s design, graphics, and messaging created a sense of excitement around the product, leading to high engagement rates and positive feedback from users.

However, we realized that the messaging didn’t accurately convey the innovative nature of the Dragonfly Hyperscooter. As a result, we made changes to the landing page, shifting the messaging to emphasize the groundbreaking aspects of the product.

The final iteration of the landing page focused on the product’s status as the world’s first hyperscooter. This messaging resonated with the target audience, and the campaign received a notable amount of sign-ups in just a few weeks, indicating strong interest in the product.

dragonfly hyperscooter

This shows the importance of understanding messaging and the impact it can have on potential customers. The Dragonfly team’s ability to listen to feedback and iterate on their messaging was critical to the success of their pre-launch campaign. By creating a landing page that effectively communicated the product’s unique features, we were able to generate significant interest and excitement around their product.

Validation #2: Pricing 

Maximizing revenue and Buyer interest 

In the world of product development, pricing can be a make-or-break decision for a new launch. Get it right, and you can generate significant interest and revenue. Get it wrong, and you may struggle to sell even the best products. That’s why, during the pre-launch phase, it’s essential to test different pricing strategies to determine what works best for both the business and its customers.

For Dragonfly, Prelaunch’s testing feature was instrumental in determining the optimal reservation fee for their highly-anticipated Hyperscooter. The initial reservation fee was set at $10, which garnered some interest from potential customers, but it was not generating the desired level of buzz. So, we decided to increase the reservation fee to $30 and monitored the impact on customer behavior.

The difference in price may seem small, but it had a significant effect on customer behavior. By increasing the reservation fee, it created a sense of exclusivity and premium quality, which appealed to certain customers. This change resulted in a 400% increase in subscribers and reservations for the Dragonfly Hyperscooter, indicating that this price point resonated better with the target audience.

project progress

It’s worth noting that the reservation fee is not the actual price of the product, but it provided valuable insights into consumer behavior and allowed the Dragonfly team to make informed decisions about pricing. This information was crucial for the launch of their product, as it helped them determine what price point would generate the most interest and revenue.

Overall, testing pricing strategies during the pre-launch phase can provide businesses with valuable insights into consumer behavior, allowing them to make informed decisions about the pricing of their product. For Dragonfly, increasing the reservation fee was an effective way to generate more interest and drive higher conversions for their highly-anticipated Hyperscooter.

The Prelaunch platform also enabled Dragonfly to gain an understanding of its target customer’s opinions. Through surveys and interviews, they were able to learn more about their customers’ needs, wants, pain points, and what motivated them to purchase a hyperscooter. This insight allowed the team to create powerful marketing messages that resonated with the target.

Validation #3: Audience 

Gaining Insights in your audience 

Creating a community around a product not only generates buzz and anticipation but also provides valuable feedback that can be used to improve the product before its official launch. At Prelaunch, we know the importance of this and offer a suite of tools to help creators build and engage with their communities.

We offer a suite of tools and resources designed to help creators, like D-Fly build and engage with their communities. From email marketing and advertising to community forums and surveys, our platform provides a range of features to help creators establish a supportive and engaged community.


Prelaunch played a crucial role in helping D-Fly gain a deep understanding of their target audience and the market demand for personal transportation devices. By leveraging our suite of tools and resources, D-Fly identified the targeted audience on social media channels and collected survey responses from a diverse group of participants, providing valuable insights into their audience’s interests, preferences, and needs. 

The benefits of the insights gained through the survey responses for the Dragonfly Hyperscooter are numerous. Firstly, the knowledge of the target customers and their needs allowed the creators to craft powerful marketing messages that resonated with customers and built excitement for the product’s launch. This led to a successful launch and positive feedback for the innovative scooter.

Secondly, the survey responses provided insights into the audience’s interests and preferences for personal transportation devices. This information helped the creators tailor their advertising direction and develop a deeper connection with their target audience, which ultimately resulted in increased sales and a loyal customer base.

top engagement

Additionally, the survey results highlighted the most popular features of the Dragonfly Hyperscooter, such as its 4-wheel design, full-tilt (3 Dimensional) steering system, and various ride modes. These features were then emphasized in the marketing messages, which helped the scooter stand out from other products on the market and attract potential customers.

The survey responses showed that the most popular feature of the Dragonfly Hyperscooter is its 4-wheel design, followed closely by its full-tilt (3 Dimensional) steering system and various ride modes. The design of the scooter was also a key feature that users enjoyed. Overall, it seems that the Dragonfly Hyperscooter is well-received by its users, and its innovative features make it stand out from other scooters on the market.

Moreover, the survey responses provided insights into the audience’s interests and preferences for personal transportation devices. This information helped us tailor our advertising directions and develop a deeper connection with our target audience.


By leveraging Prelaunch’s suite of tools, D-Fly was able to gain invaluable insights into their target audience and the market demand for personal transportation devices. This insight allowed them to create powerful marketing messages that resonated with their customers, leading to a successful launch and positive feedback on the innovative scooter

Once it launched on Indiegogo, the campaign continued to gather momentum, raising a whopping £651,649.

The success of Dragonfly is a testament to the power of prelaunch marketing, and it shows that with the right strategy and a little bit of luck, anything is possible. So, let’s raise a glass to the Dragonfly team for taking flight and making their dreams a reality! 

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