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We analyze, so you can iterate

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Comprehensive Reports

Get data on your page traffic, number of subscribers and reservations.Understand your page performance and clearly identify points for improvements
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Better Iterations

Test with your product’s positioning, and visuals variations and get instant data on their performance. Find the combination that presents your product best
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Smart Benchmarks

Is a conversion rate of 2% good? 5%? 10%? We’ll eliminate your guesswork. With 100s of products launched in dozens of categories, Prelaunch gives you accurate predictions on your product performance

Understand  Your Product Performance

Get comprehensive reports on the number of your page visitors, how many of them have turned into your subscribers and what's your product’s reservation rate.

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Find Your Perfect Positioning With Page Variations

Create variations of your product page testing different positioning and visuals and find the best performing combination to continue with.


Compare Your  Results to the Industry Average

With  smart benchmarking you'll be able to compare your results with 100s of products launched in your category, evaluate the page performance and find improvement spots for your future success.

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