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80% of all new product launches fail. Avoid wasting your time and money by testing your market first.
Find out if there is a demand for your product, how much people are willing to pay, and what real consumers think about it.
Stop asking random people to give you reliable insights. On, you can trust your future customers to give you honest responses — because they pay you to share their opinion.

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Prelaunch Reservation Model

Your future customers leave a $10-20 deposit to reserve your product. This earns them a discount if your product launches.And by making this commitment, they give you the strongest signal that they are truly ready to become your customers.
There has never been a more reliable indicator for launch success. This changes everything.

Validate Early Product Concepts, Pricing, Colors, and Audiences

Early Concept Validation

Learn if people are interested in your early stage concept before developing it.
By leaving their emails, customers give a strong signal that validates their interest in your product concept.

Price Testing

Test different price points to see what your customers are excited to pay, and make sure you don't leave money on the table.
By taking out their credit cards and leaving a monetary reservation, customers prove their real purchase intent.

Audience Insights

Uncover new audience opportunities and learn how different audiences around the world respond to your product.
Through ads and niche targeting you can see where your most ecstatic customers are from. You can also uncover reliable in-depth demographics and psychographics of your highest converting audiences.

Position Testing

Learn exactly which positioning resonates most with your target audience.
You can test positioning angles, messages, headlines and learn exactly what your audience wants the most.

Color Testing

Test color and textures, packaging, what to include in the box, and much more beyond what was ever possible.
Change the colors of your products to learn exactly which version has a higher conversion rate.
The only way to avoid wasting your time and resources on unexpected scenarios is to do market validation.
Erik Buell
Product Design Legend, ex-Harley-Davidson

Co-create with your community.

Listen to what your true customers need, and respond with the right actions. Every time.
We call it co-creation — others just call it designing for success.
Our community and partner network gets you in front of an organic audience of over 1 million people who love innovative consumer appliances. And you can easily bring your own.

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Discover Insights About Your Audience.

Get unheard of analytics about your customers that you can trust. Learn exactly what position and in what industry they work, and get a detailed breakdown of their interests.

AI Market Research Assistant

In less than 60 seconds our AI Market Research Assistant will analyze thousands of your competitor reviews and tell you the main things people love or hate about them.
Add up to 5 competitor products at once
Click the Analyze button
Get the report you needed so much
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Understand your potential.
And move forward confidently.

Our powerful tracking and analytics suite records 35+ data points for every single visit.
Your results are compared to those of similar product launches to give you a holistic understanding of how your product will perform.
If all is great — launch with confidence. If all is not so great — use the insights to iteratively improve your product faster.

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“ helps to test and evaluate demand for hardware products before you crank up the factory”

Deeper insights into actual customers.

The most reliable time to ask customers for honest insights is immediately after purchase.
The next best? Immediately after reserving on!
Find answers to questions you didn’t even think to ask on

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a product validation platform that tests the market demand before the launch of a product. It helps to define the price, identify the target audience, and gather early customer feedback that help creators to either launch with confidence or wisely abandon their product idea.

How does it work?

Potential customers leave a $10-$20 reservation deposit.

This reservation earns them a discount if the product launches. But more importantly, it reliably confirms their actual purchase intent.

Our powerful analytical and tracking suite records 35+ data points and compares them with industry averages.

By testing price, color, and features, you learn what the market needs and who your customers are.

What are the advantages of has an entire arsenal of data, metrics, and professional marketing tools to ensure you’ll get a data driven answer to the million-dollar question — how will my product do in the market?

With you won’t need to deal with other third-party platforms. You have everything in one place.

Simply build your landing page in minutes using our AI Builder, run ads, experiment with different price points and product positioning, send out custom surveys, run co-creation labs, and get your data-driven results. It’s really that easy.

What do I need to start?

This is the best bit! You don’t need a finished product to start validating on Prelaunch. You can even start with an idea, concept, or prototype of your physical product, a starting price, and a few images to showcase your product on your landing page.

Can I test different prices?

Yes! Test different prices and will compare the metrics, providing valuable insights on what to expect at each price point when you launch.

Where will the traffic come from?

By being featured on you’ll get discovered by our large community of early adopters. For more targeted traffic, you can run your own ads to bring more page visits, or use’s advertising services.

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