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MohaCloud: True PC Cloud Gaming Device

MohaCloud: True PC Cloud Gaming Device

MohaCloud PC is the ultimate cloud gaming device that offers a true gaming PC experience in a compact package. Forget about dealing with expensive hardware upgrades. With just an internet connection and a smartphone, you’ll have your favorite games up and running in no time!



Big screen & mouse & keyboard experience


Click & Play

Without the wait of downloading


Beast Performance

For the AAA titles


Keep Up with the Latest PC Components

Multiple Servers Matrix

For lowest latency

Powerful Decoder Chip

For high definition picture quality

Support Video Mirroring

From smartphone to the big screen

Extreme Portability

Play everywhere


MohaCloud PC is extremely easy to set up and run. Once you’ve installed the dedicated smartphone app, all you have to do to is:

  • Connect your peripherals
  • Plug in your smartphone & pair via Bluetooth
  • Choose your preferred hardware specifications
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and get gaming

Extremely Portable

Take it to your friend’s place or play a game at the office during your break! MohaCloud PC is small, lightweight, and extremely portable – so your favorite AAA games are always within reach.

PC Gaming Made Affordable

Why waste money on expensive gaming gear? MohaCloud PC is cloud-based, providing you with a full fledged gaming-PC experience without the need to purchase expensive hardware, so you can get gaming without breaking the bank or compromising on performance.

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