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PRIMO Brewer: Never Compromise Coffee Quality

PRIMO Brewer: Never Compromise Coffee Quality

A superior coffee doesn’t come from inferior methods. Your PRIMO Brewer will make you espresso and coffee like you have never tasted before because it brews in a way you have never brewed before.

The PRIMO Brewer: Revolutionizing Coffee Brewing

The PRIMO Brewer is the next big evolution in coffee! Brew your espresso and coffee in the state of a vacuum while removing carbonic acid and carbon dioxide from the grounds. In as little as 45 seconds brew superior quality and freshness without a paper filter or pod with your PRIMO Brewer. With better coffee than what your local barista can make and with less noise than the overpriced coffee maker can pump out, your PRIMO Brewer is the coffee solution you have been looking for.

A New Beginning

With traditional brewing methods it takes years to get to know your coffee. You have to know your beans, optimal water temperature, and proper brewing technique, becoming a brewmaster is not that easy. But, with a PRIMO Brewer, your learning curve is drastically reduced. Specifically designed to produce the best tasting coffee the simplest way possible, your PRIMO Brewer will allow you to try different coffee styles and experience all new tastes. 

The Planet comes Primo

With your PRIMO Brewer you won’t have to compromise the quality of your coffee or the planet. Part of what makes your PRIMO Brewer…well…primo, is the fact that you can brew your coffee in a vacuum without a paper filter or plastic pod. With virtually no waste (other than the leftover grounds) you get beyond barista quality coffee.


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