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Avoid Launching a Great Product with a Bad Price Tag

Year after year, good products with great potential fail. While there are thousands of factors that can cause failure, pricing is one of the most-often overlooked ones.

Not anymore. is the most advanced market price testing tool, allowing creators to test multiple different price points to determine a pricing strategy that ensures success.

With the amount of data and testing possibilities provided by Prelaunch, you’ll be able to find the perfect price point that will:

  • Attract customers,
  • Overthrow the competition,
  • Increase conversions and profits.

How Does Prelaunch Help Find the Best Pricing? allows creators to set and test numerous price variations for a single product to ultimately determine the best pricing strategy.

Most companies gather pricing information based on competitors, production costs, and guesswork.

Prelaunch strives to change that. Being entirely dependent on real-time data and behavioral indicators, we make price testing streamlined and minimize errors.

There’s a fine line between what your customers are willing to pay and where you start making money. Make sure your price tag hits the mark perfectly.

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How to Do a Market Price Test with Prelaunch

Whether you already have a prototype of your final product or just the mockups, you can find the perfect price for it in a few easy steps, all the while getting valuable early customer feedback.

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Here’s how:

1. Start by creating a converting landing page using our AI and pre-made templates. No design, coding, or copywriting required.

2. Your product will then appear in Prelaunch marketplace, where millions of innovation seekers and early adopters find creative products.

3. Drive targeted traffic to your page to maximize results - either running paid ads yourself or by using Prelaunch advertising services.

4. Page visitors will be asked to leave their email addresses to unlock the product price, which establishes their initial interest in the product.

5. Next, our unique reservation model helps validate the purchase intent of visitors by asking them to place a small deposit towards securing your product at the specified test price.

6. Once you have enough data on the first variation, change the price point and repeat the process. Analyze the results and performance of each variation to determine which price point your target audience is most comfortable with.

Ready to find the best pricing for your product?

Get Your Pricing Right, Every Time

Prelaunch reservation model was carefully developed to test and validate your product’s pricing strategy based on actionable data from early users, their purchase behavior, and feedback.

Information on each price test variation is showcased in your personal project dashboard along with valuable audience insights.

Get to know your ideal customer and how much they are willing to pay.

Prelaunch price tester is your go-to platform for launching successful products customers want to buy.

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Build a Product That Sells

Gone are the days when launching a product was a matter of luck and intuition.

Prelaunch offers a suite of features to help creators validate their products before investing time and money into launching something that won’t work.

Test initial market interest in your product, try multiple positioning angles or color variations, and uncover areas of improvement you might have missed.

Our tracking and analytics suite measures your product’s performance based on 35+ data points for every single page visit. Each metric is compared to the results of other similar products and your previous variations for maximum accuracy.

Now you’re able to see how every change you make on your product will affect your chances of success.

It’s time to launch with confidence.

The only way to avoid wasting your time and resources on unexpected scenarios is to do market validation.
Erik Buell
Product Design Legend, ex-Harley-Davidson

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is price testing important?

Many products fail because the price tag is either too low to make the business profitable or too high to be attractive to potential customers.

Price testing helps product creators measure demand elasticity and establish the perfect price for any product.

With Prelaunch price tester, creators can now accurately measure which price point is best suitable for their audience and how each change in the pricing strategy affects the purchase behavior of consumers.

How is Prelaunch price tester different from others?

Prelaunch implements a unique price testing strategy that is able to establish, with high accuracy, the purchase intent of customers at any given price point. Visitors are asked to place a small deposit towards reserving the product at the specified price point.

Based on the reservation rate, you are then able to determine which price point is most attractive to prospective customers. For a product that has not yet hit the market, this is the most effective way of identifying how much people are willing to pay to acquire your product and how much elasticity you have in price changes.

Can you do more than one product variant test with Prelaunch?

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