PerfectView TV: The Ultimate Multiplayer Gaming TV

PerfectView TV: The Ultimate Multiplayer Gaming TV

Playing offline multiplayer games? Forget small dedicated boxes, distractions, and squinting eyes - PerfectView TV is here time to revolutionize couch co-op gaming, bringing an end to the era of small and inconvenient viewing boxes.

No More Split Screen

From Mario Kart to Rocket League, playing offline multiplayer games has traditionally meant splitting your TV into multiple small and annoying displays. Now, that's about to come to an end.

No More Split Screen

Offline Multiplayer Gaming Reimagined

Split-screen is out, full-screen is in. With PerfectView TV, each player gets their own full-screen high-resolution view — for an immersive and distraction-free experience. So gather your friends and get ready for offline multiplayer gameplay like never before.

4 HDMI Ports for All Your Devices

No more switching cables back and forth! PerfectView TV is equipped with 4 HDMI ports, so you can keep all of your devices and consoles connected — whether it's your Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo — and get gaming right away.

Endless Possibilities

No need to take turns over the TV. PerfectView TV’s dynamic angles support simultaneous use of various sources, from different apps to HDMI inputs — so you can play video games while someone else watches their favorite Netflix series.

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Different angles, different content

Get ready for a truly remarkable multiview experience where up to 4 viewers can enjoy their own content simultaneously on the same screen. No more compromises over what to watch. Thanks to dynamic angles, everyone gets their own full-screen, high-quality image.

Unparalleled Image Quality

Watch how movies, TV shows, and games come to life in breathtaking 4K. PerfectView TV delivers unparalleled immersive viewing with crisp details and incredible colors.

Privacy, Perfected.

Sometimes you just want to keep your content to yourself. Whether it's catching up on your guilty pleasure reality TV or catching a flick you don't want your little ones to witness — now you can watch in complete privacy.

Your Content, Your Audio.

Connect your personal Bluetooth earphones or headphones to PerfectView TV and indulge in a truly personalized audio experience. Each viewer can pair their own audio device and listen to their chosen content without disturbing others.

Personalized Viewing Experience

Bring your family and friends together for the ultimate movie night without having to sacrifice anyone's preferences. Add subtitles just for yourself, or watch a dubbed version while your friends listen to the original audio track — on the same TV at the same time. So that everyone has the freedom to watch content the way they want.

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Glasses-Free 3D

Experience the thrill of 3D entertainment without the inconvenience of annoying shutter glasses. Simply sit back, relax, and transport into a world where characters leap off the screen, landscapes come alive, and every moment is infused with depth and realism.

No More Compromises

Maybe your kids want to watch a cartoon while your wife is trying to catch up on their series — all the while you watch your team play their most important match. PerfectView TV knows no limits, so everyone can watch it all.

Action for You, Cartoons for Your Kids.

Watch what you want without any distractions. Your little ones can watch their cartoons while you indulge in an action movie, watch sports, news, and more — all at the same time.

Wall-Mounted in No Time

PerfectView TV is VESA-compliant, making it extremely easy to mount on any wall with widely available VESA mounting brackets.

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Stay informed of the PerfectView TV to discover the most impressive deals.


Be The First In Line

Stay informed of the PerfectView TV to discover the most impressive deals.

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