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Kalya: Mind-Body Healing Through Sound

Find mental harmony & holistic renewal with Kalya's multi-sensor headband, harnessing neuroscience & therapeutic sound science to naturally personalize your wellness journey. Real-time EEG & heart rate tracking synergize with healing sounds to enhance focus, emotional balance, & bodily well-being.

Overwhelmed? Unfocused? Sleep-Deprived?

In today's never-ending hustle, serenity seems elusive. Kalya is your natural & innovative refuge from the daily grind. Using custom soundscapes, witness stress dissolve, focus crystallize, and sleep enriched. 


Backed by real-time brainwaves and heart rate insights, Kalya makes your path to emotional and physical harmony not just aspirational—but audible. Tune in.

The Symphony Within

  • Headband (hardware)
  • Case
  • Welcome letter (with QR code to download the app)


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