CrystalSphere Maker: Perfect Ice Redefined

Meet the CrystalSphere Maker, the epitome of elegance in ice production. Melding the sophistication of mid-century modern design with innovative technology, this ice maker is a showpiece for any kitchen or bar. It crafts flawless 2-inch ice spheres, ensuring your spirits are cooled without rapid dilution. With a capacity of up to 8 ice spheres and dual functionality as a compact freezer, your cocktail artistry ascends to new heights. Indulge in the luxury of pristine ice spheres ready for your finest concoctions.

CrystalSphere Maker: Perfect Ice Redefined

Product Features

Mid-Century Modern Aesthetic

Enhances kitchen elegance effortlessly.

Perfect 2-Inch Ice Spheres

Chill drinks without diluting flavor.

Dual Maker and Freezer

Preserves ice sphere clarity for hours.

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