FAMES AI-Powered Hybrid Vending

Experience seamless round-the-clock nourishment with FAMES, the future of vending technology that offers a full spectrum of hot and cold meal options. Integrating state-of-the-art AI, it provides contactless ordering through a responsive touchscreen kiosk, ensuring convenience and hygiene. Supporting EBT/SNAP transactions, FAMES brings food accessibility to underserved communities. Its unique drive-thru feature caters to on-the-go lifestyles, enhancing mealtime flexibility. Compliant with local regulations, it houses a secure compartment exclusively for regulated cannabis products.

FAMES AI-Powered Hybrid Vending

Product Features

AI-Driven Convenience

Order effortlessly with intelligent technology.

All Day, All Weather

Operates 24/7 in any climate conditions.

Dual-Service Design

Choose from walk-up or drive-thru access.

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