Soar High with FlyonMat

Experience the enchantment of flight on the revolutionary FlyonMat, merging drone innovation with the fantasy of a flying carpet. Glide effortlessly through the air with a high-fidelity hover system designed to deliver a smooth and controlled flying experience. Navigate the skies intuitively with a tilt of your body or the simplicity of a remote control. The FlyonMat's state-of-the-art design is both sleek and practical, ensuring maximum maneuverability and visibility. Soar to new heights as the 360-degree camera captures breathtaking panoramic views, immortalizing your aerial adventures.

Soar High with FlyonMat

Product Features

Advanced Hover Mechanism

Effortless, smooth aerial glide.

Intuitive Control System

Body tilt or remote navigation.

360-Degree Camera System

Capture panoramic aerial views.

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