LuminAuz: Ultimate High-Visibility Safety Vest

Experience unparalleled safety with the LuminAuz®️ vest, your partner in visibility. Crafted to shine brightly in low-light conditions, its electroluminescent panels ensure you're seen from afar. Charge once, and wear it for more than half a day; its impressive 12.5-hour glow keeps you safe through your shift or workout. Feather-light comfort meets durability in this sleekly designed PPE essential. Integrating into any attire, LuminAuz®️ is the vest that protects as well as impresses.

LuminAuz: Ultimate High-Visibility Safety Vest

Product Features

Electroluminescent Visibility

Glows visibly for 100 meters.

Extended Battery Life

12.5 hours of light on one charge.

Versatile and Lightweight

Integrates with any active or workwear.

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