Mooncam: The Floating 360° Camera

Elevate your visual experience with Mooncam, the levitating camera that captures life in 360 degrees. With its magnetic floating design and uninterrupted panoramic recording, Mooncam merges functionality with a touch of magic. Its sleek, spherical form and lustrous aluminum finish exude sophistication, complementing any interior with ease. While it offers expansive views, its compact footprint assures it remains an unobtrusive addition to your space. Mooncam: where cutting-edge technology meets captivating elegance.

Mooncam: The Floating 360° Camera

Product Features

Levitating Design

Floats magically on its base.

360-Degree Panorama

Uninterrupted, all-around views.

Aesthetic and Functional

Futuristic decor that captures life.

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