Multiz: Dual-Arm E-Learning Phone Holder

Perfect for virtual classrooms, the Multiz enhances interactive learning experiences by securely holding mobile devices with its dual-arm design. Its adjustable arms empower eye-level communication and unobstructed viewing of work materials, promoting engagement and effective learning. Designed for stability yet lightweight, the holder is versatile for any desk space and portable for on-the-go educators and students. The minimalist white and black finish integrates seamlessly into any educational environment. The Multiz is the indispensable companion for mastering the challenges of e-learning.

Multiz: Dual-Arm E-Learning Phone Holder

Product Features

Flexible Dual-Arm System

Enables simultaneous face-to-face and workspace interaction.

Eye-Level Adjustability

Comfortable, ergonomic viewing during long sessions.

Sleek, Portable Design

Effortlessly fits in modern learning environments.

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