Qweener: Your Desktop Sanitizing Companion

Elevate your workspace hygiene with Qweener, the smart desktop robot designed to keep your office spotlessly organized and germ-free. With advanced AI sensors, Qweener ensures your desk remains pristine by activating its sanitization features upon detecting untidiness. Its compact cylindrical design not only stores your writing utensils but also complements your office decor. Effortlessly self-sufficient, it returns to its charging dock when needed, guaranteeing uninterrupted service. Choose from a variety of colors to personalize your Qweener and enhance your work environment.

Qweener: Your Desktop Sanitizing Companion

Product Features

Innovative AI Cleaning

Detects and sanitizes automatically.

Organizational Slots

Effortlessly holds and organizes stationery.

Autonomous Charging

Navigates to dock for effortless recharging.

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