SwaraStiC: Authentic Hyderabad Chilli Powder

Sourced from Hyderabad's exotic spice bazaars, SwaraStiC Red Chilli Powder offers an unmatched gourmet experience. Its vibrant red color embodies the vitality of India's celebrated spice heritage. The artisan-crafted blend delivers a robust heat that invigorates any dish. Perfect for culinary enthusiasts craving traditional Indian piquancy. SwaraStiC ensures a transformative journey for the palate with each pinch.

SwaraStiC: Authentic Hyderabad Chilli Powder

Product Features

Exotic Source Excellence

Handpicked from Hyderabad's finest.

Intense Flavor Profile

Explosive heat, preserved aromatics.

Artisanal Quality

Ground for unparalleled richness and depth.

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