Aqua Cycle Pro+: Fitness Meets Functionality

The Aqua Cycle Pro+ redefines home workouts with its innovative design, serving as an exercise pedal that challenges you with 20 distinct water resistance levels. Seamlessly transform your exercise gear into an eco-friendly clothes washer, employing the power of centrifugal force for a sustainable clean. Its dual utility ensures that your living space remains uncluttered, exemplifying the pinnacle of compact living solutions. With a cushioned top, it conveniently doubles as a comfortable footstool when not in use. The aesthetics of the Aqua Cycle Pro+ are carefully considered, promising a perfect match for any home decor once material and color options are finalized.

Product Features

Dynamic Water Resistance

Tailor your workouts with 20 resistance levels.

Eco-Friendly Clothes Washing

Harness centrifugal force for sustainable laundry.

Ergonomic Footstool Design

Enjoy as a comfy rest for your feet.

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