unDawn: Revolutionizing Cargo Drone Delivery

unDawn redefines logistics with its cutting-edge autonomy in civil cargo transport. Enhanced with 360-degree vision, it guarantees a new level of flight safety. Its AI effortlessly adapts to unpredictable transport scenarios. Customized to align with unique industry requirements. Experience the future of efficient, secure freight handling. -Space (L/M/H/Planetary) $(1M/20M/100M/200B) -Air (L/M/H/XH) $(10K/5M/500M/5B) -Water (L/M/H/XH) $(10K/5M/500M/5B) -Underwater (M/H/XH) $(5M/500M/10B)

Product Features

Advanced Situational AI

Handles complex scenarios with ease.

Full 360-degree Cameras

Unparalleled safety and awareness.

Tailor-made Customization

Designed to meet client specifications.

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