WiCool Smart Rapid Wine Chiller

Quick-chill your wine to perfection with WiCool, the revolutionary smart wine cooler designed for the modern oenophile. Employ the latest in liquid cooling technology to reach the ideal wine temperature in under 10 minutes, without compromising quality or taste. Showcase your wine elegantly in a vertical position while maintaining its cool post-opening, thanks to WiCool's efficient design. Enjoy a seamless experience with WiCool's smart features, providing precise temperature control at your fingertips. With WiCool, elevate every glass of wine to a connoisseur's standard with ease and elegance.

WiCool Smart Rapid Wine Chiller

Product Features

Fast Cooling

Chill a standard bottle of wine in 10 minutes or less. Right enough to make a dinner table or finish the last glass so that the new bottle is ready.

No water or ice required

The enclosed liquid cooling jacket combines the efficiency of an ice basket while not using water or ice.

Smart Temperature Control

Snap a picture of your bottle and let the App do the rest. It knows the perfect temperature for each type of wine to set and maintain.

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